HARMOGE (means “harmony” in arcaic latin)Grape types: Bosco, Vermentino, AlbarolaProduction area is the hill “Zuncone” above the little village Groppo near to Manarola, directly in the heart of the Cinque Terre: terraced vineyards with a soil of sand and siliceous sediments. The vineyard is formed by a little “amphitheater” at about 350 m over the sea level overlooking the sea of the Cinque Terre and the village of Manarola.The grapes, always brought to a good ripeness, are harvested manually in small boxes of about 20 kg each.The vinification starts with a maceration with the contact of the grape skins for 4/5 days, without any temperature control.After the separation from the juice the skins are softly pressed and the juice of this pressing will be added to the other juice.The fermentation is followed by a period of about 15 months sur lie in 550 litre barrels made of oak from Slavonia. The assembly of the wine is done in stainless steel tanks where the wine decants. After about 2 months a last decanting is done before the bottling.The bottles rest to mature for other 6 months before being sold.The suggested drinking temperature for this wine is about 13/14 °C and the wine should be served in a large goblet.The evolution in the bottle can go ahead for several years.