ÇERICO’ (place name: means “the place of the Turkey oaks”) Grape types: Grenache 80 % , Syrah 20 % The vineyard is located at about 500 m over sea level, facing south in the direction of the sea, surrounded by a thick forest of Turkey oaks (from there the place name Cerico) with an undergrowth of mediterranean bushes. It lies high above the Cinque Terre – village Riomaggiore near to one of the oldest seddlements of the Cinque Terre area, found about a thousand years ago. The sandy and slaty soil contains well distributed humus and a certain percentage of loam – which usually is very rare in the Cinque Terre. The installation of the vineyard in the years 2000 and 2001 is relatively recent.The used vine training system is partially guyot, partially fan shape.The microclimate, hot during summers, is characterized by huge temperature difference between day and night, a perfect condition for the development of the aromas in the aromatic wines.The grapes are harvested manually in small boxes of about 20 kg each.The maceration takes place in stainless steel tanks and it lasts about 60 days. The wine matures sur lie for about 2 years in 550 litre barrels made of slavonian oak. After the assembly the wine decants for about 3 months in steel tanks before being bottled without any clarification nor filtration. The wine rests in the bottle for minimum 6/8 months before being sold.The suggested drinking temperature is 16/17 °C and it is suggested to serve this wine in a large goblet.The evolution in the bottle will go ahead for many years and promises an important aged wine.